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Ila Coimbra

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Teaching for exams: how prepared are we?


How much are we teachers prepared to live up to our students' expectations and fulfill their needs regarding preparing them for exams? Moreover, how much are we prepared to deal with the specificities of Brazilian Portuguese speakers' inaccuracies? The aim of this talk is to discuss the roles we teachers play and the challenges we face when preparing our students for exams.



Ilá has been a teacher for over 12 years. After obtaining her degree in Languages from Universidade de São Paulo, she lived in Ireland, and obtained Cambridge English CAE & CPE in 2010 and 2011, respectively. She currently teaches adults, specially preparing them for exams such as IELTS and CAE, and she is also a teacher trainer in São Paulo. As part of her professional development, Ilá has obtained the CELTA and ICELT certificates, and she is taking a TESOL Diploma in 2016.



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