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Claire O Connell and Zara Hutchinson-Gonçalves

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Creating a positive learning environment together with young students. 


This workshop will look at a number of classroom management techniques and practical ways to implement them in a classroom with young learners thus creating a positive learning environment which is essential for an effective learning process. We will give examples of games and songs that can be used to this end."



Claire O' Connell graduated in Early Childhood Education from D.I.T., Ireland. She has experience working in bilingual and language schools, with children of all ages. She has also worked with children’s charities, in multi-nationality classrooms and with children with special needs.


Zara Hutchinson-Gonçalves graduated in English and French from the University of Wales and holds Trinity TESOL and the Cambridge ICELT. She has been teaching English for 15 years and has wide experience of teaching children of all ages.


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