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Teaching Changes Program (redirected from Sharing to Multiply Program)

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                                                           07 October 2017 - 8.30 to 18.00









Opening Ceremony




Opening Plenary: Natália Guerreiro - Don't short-change yourself!




Commercial Presentations






Coffee Break




Room 3

Hulgo Freitas

Authentic Materials in the Foreign Language Classroom



Room 4

Wanessa de Oliveira

Promoting gender equality through English teaching


Room 5

André Hedlund

Mind, Brain, and Education and its Potential in ELT


Room 6

Eduardo de Freitas 

Teaching the unicorn skill: writing








14.00-15.00 Plenary: Paul Seligson - Using longer reading texts more communicatively



Room 3

Rafael Monteiro

Using CLIL

to engage teenagers



Room 4

Henrique Moura

Language Teachers and Digital Literacies



Room 5

Virginia Borges

  Assessing children through games (Workshop)


Room 6

Eduardo Mazzeu
  How to make listening activities more meaningful

and exciting


Room 7

AJ Dalmaso

Gender-Neutral Language In The Classroom (And Outside)


16.05-16.25 Coffee Break



Room 3

Vinicius Diamantino

How to teach online


Room 4

Lucas D'Nillo

Not only an English teacher: bringing content into the classroom.


Room 5

Letícia Sales 

How to teach controversial topics (Workshop)

Room  6

Vanessa Lima

 Preparing to prepare – IELTS: all you need to know






Seminar closure by Chapter + sponsors








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