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Teaching Changes Sessions

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Natália Guerreiro has been a teacher since the year 2000 and currently works in Aviation English assessment, teaching and teacher training for the Brazilian Air Force. She holds the CPE, the CELTA, a B.A. in English & Portuguese from UFRJ, and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. She moderated BrELT for three years and has been elected to the BRAZ-TESOL Advisory Council for the 2017-2018 term.


Paul Seligson has been ‘TEFLing’ worldwide for 38+ years and is well-known for his lively, pragmatic training. An MA in TEFL and CELTA assessor, his latest publication are English ID, the first specifically written for Romance Language background learners and the brand new Identities 1 and 2, for B2 and C1-level continuation of that series. He works freelance from his home in Brighton, and is absolutely delighted to be returning to his beloved Brazil for the umpteenth time.



Workshops / Talks


AJ Dalmaso Marques - Gender-Neutral Language In The Classroom (And Outside) (Talk)

Have you ever thought about how many times you could have used Gender-Neutral Language and how it could contribute to gender aspects? We live in a world where we have no idea who the people who surround us are, so, in this talk, we can discuss how to build a more welcoming and supportive world inside and outside the classroom.

Biodata: AJ has been an English teacher for 7 years. They hold a CAE and a CELTA and are passionate about teaching and diversity.


André Hedlund - Mind, Brain, and Education and its Potential in ELT (Talk)

The science of Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) brings together three distinct, however communicable, areas: cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and pedagogy. By knowing some of the principles of how our brains actually process information and by sharing them with our students, we can maximize our practice outcomes and contribute to ELT.

Biodata: André Hedlund holds a BA in International Relations, is a National Geographic Learning Academic Consultant, Partners of the Americas' first secretary, Michigan Certificates examiner, iEARN's and Braz-Tesol MBE SIG representativ.


Eduardo de Freitas - Teaching the unicorn skill: writing (Workshop)

Writing is definitely the skill we care the least when we prepare our syllabus or plan our lessons. In this talk, I will discuss the importance of teaching writing in a meaningful way and how we can motivate our learners to write and achieve fluency in this skill. Also, I intend to give practical ideas to start working on writing ASAP!

Biodata: Eduardo de Freitas is the Director of Studies and Head of Teacher Training at PBF Guarulhos. He's been working in ELT since 2010 and he's currently the secretary for the Teacher Development SIG. He's also a moderator for the Facebook Community BrELT. He holds the CELTA, TKT, CAE and he's currently working on the ICELT and preparing to sit the CPE in December. He blogs at creativeelt.wordpress.com. You can contact him at efreitasm.elt@gmail.com


Eduardo Mazzeu - How to make listening activities more meaningful and exciting (Workshop)

Listening activities pose as difficult and challenging moments, for both teachers and students. In this talk, I will be reinforcing the importance of the different stages of listening activities, showing strategies I currently use with my students and elaborating new strategies with the teachers attending the talk.

Biodata: Eduardo has been working as an ELT professional for over 10 years, currently working with 1:1 classes running his own business and also teaching in-company classes. Passionate about material development and elaborating creative strategies to help students on difficult tasks.


Henrique Moura - Language Teachers and Digital Literacies (Talk)

In this talk, I will help participants understand the concepts of digital literacies, and demonstrate how teachers can explore these in class. I will propose a reflection on whether the constant exposure to digital media helps or hinders students’ cognitive and critical development.

Biodata: Henrique Moura is a CELTA, ICELT and Delta tutor and assessor at SEVEN Idiomas. He is an MA candidate in Professional Development for Teachers at the University of Chichester.


Hulgo Freitas - Authentic Materials in the Foreign Language Classroom (Workshop)

This workshop aims at providing teachers with guidelines on how to search for, select and adapt existing materials in order to plan their lessons from scratch. What is more, I am going to give hints on how to plan a sequence of authentic lessons more easily and effectively.

Biodata: Hulgo is a teacher, teacher trainer and Oral Examiner for Cambridge English based in Goiânia, GO. He is currently working on a post-graduation in ELT and the CELTA. His main interests are teaching preparatory courses and in-company.


Letícia Sales - How to teach controversial topics (Workshop)

Critical thinking is quite in vogue nowadays. Though teachers should encourage learners to think outside the box, this is still alien territory to many. Besides, they are also fearful that their bringing certain topics for debate in class might risk their position at school. Having this in mind, for this workshop I'll bring simple, yet effective, examples of tasks you can do with your students that are guaranteed to make them reflect, question, and obviously, improve their English.

Biodata: Leticia Sales is a Carioca teacher and trainer. Because she's a true believer that learning teaching is an ongoing process, she's always concocting new ways in which she can perfect her skills, and help others perfect theirs. As a result, she's taken the Cambridge CELTA and sat for a variety of language certifications, such as the Cambridge CPE, which she holds. She's currently a branch coordinator at Centro Britânico Taquara, and in spite of her tight schedule she still manages to find time to study for Delta module 1.


Lucas D'Nillo - Not only an English teacher: bringing content into the classroom (Workshop)

EFL teachers may approach language by covering different subjects in English, such as History, Biology or Mathematics. This workshop aims at presenting CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). CLIL fosters content, communication, cognition and culture. Teachers will be exposed to cases of lessons focused on content rather than language alone.

Biodata: Lucas has taught English for over a decade. Work experience includes British Embassy/United Nations. Degree from University of Brasília/Seton Hall University (NJ/US). An enthusiast of critical thinking.


Rafael Monteiro - Using CLIL to engage teenagers (Workshop)

Teachers often struggle to get teenagers involved in class. In this workshop, I will introduce the basic concepts of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and show practical ideas of how to use it. Finally, we will discuss how CLIL or elements thereof can fit into different syllabuses.

Biodata: Rafael Monteiro has been working as a teacher, speaking examiner, CELTA tutor and freelance coursebook writer. He also works with PBL and digital literacy in mainstream secondary education.


Vanessa Lima - Preparing to prepare – IELTS: all you need to know (Talk)

When asked to prepare students for an international exam, we can be overwhelmed with so much information about it. This talk aims at helping you with this task by getting you familiarised with the IELTS format and its contents, as well as some of the different questions and task types.

Biodata: Having taught English for 18 years now, Vanessa holds a degree in Languages from UFRJ and a post-graduate diploma from Cândido Mendes University, a CELTA and the DELTA module 2.


Vinicius Diamantino - How to teach English online (Talk)

Let’s talk about how to deliver great online classes even if we’ve never had a videoconference call done before or if we don’t feel very technological ourselves. What hardware and software should we use? Online vs presential classes? And more importantly: how to convince students?

Biodata: English teacher for 11 years, founder of DeProfPraProf and creator of online teacher training courses, Vinicius Diamantino produces daily content and support for teachers who want to go private.


Virgínia Borges - Assessing children through games (Workshop)

Is it possible for teachers to assess YLs while they are engaged in playing a game? In this interactive workshop, the aim is to present participants with more child-friendly YL assessment techniques, bringing out the endless benefits of games in the YL classroom. This way, better results can be accomplished making language learning a more positive experience.

Biodata: Virgínia has been working as an EFL Teacher for 15 years. She is now a Private Tutor in Goiânia and also works as a Teacher Trainer at i-Study Interactive Learning. Virgínia holds an MBA from FGV and a post-graduate diploma in English Language Methodology.


Wanessa de Oliveira - Promoting gender equality through English teaching (Workshop)

This workshop aims to discuss and question the way we have been teaching students in regard to their gender identity. It also aims to reflect and find ways to promote gender equality through English teaching.

Biodata: English teacher at CCBEU. Graduated in 2012 in Portuguese and English teaching from Universidade Estadual de Goias.



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