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English Language Matters

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Throughout the years, ELT professionals have become increasingly more skilled at planning and teaching effective lessons owing to the large number of ideas provided by resource books, training courses and specific Professional Development (PD) workshops and seminars. However, can the same be said of the improvement of a teacher’s language skills?  Our plenary talk aims to raise teachers’ awareness of the need for ongoing language mastery that results in PD. The seminar will also explore new ways of integrating technology into lessons, helping students develop a more positive approach towards their learning and revisit key classroom techniques.


01:30 Check-in / on-site registration 

02:00 Opening

02:10 Plenary Session – Higor Cavalcante

03:00 Commercial Presentations

03:20 Coffee Break

03:40 Workshop – Round 1

04:40 Workshop – Round 2

05:45 Closure (Raffle / Certificates)



Can we talk about our English? – The importance of language development for teachers   

No one would dispute a teacher of English must be a good classroom manager, skilled at preparing lessons, adapting and selecting materials, correcting students’ oral and written errors and much more. Do we, however, perhaps shy away from discussing how much (about) English a teacher should know, especially (but not exclusively) non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs)? In this talk we put this thorny issue on the table. 

Higor Cavalcante  has been in ELT for 17 years, and he’s currently Braz-TESOL’s second vice president and president of its TD (Teacher Development) SIG. His main interests in ELT include phonology, extensive reading and language development for teachers. He blogs at www.higorcavalcante.com.br



 BT Workshops / Talks


Heads and Hands on

Many workshops focus on hands on activities, but this one will involve our heads too. How can we analyze if technology has been integrated in class appropriately? What criteria can we adopt to enhance learning with technology? Let's use both hands and heads for more learning. 

Ana Maria Menezes is an EFL teacher, online moderator at ConnectMe Education and researcher. She holds an M.A. in Linguistic Studies with special interest in teacher development in online environments. She blogs at http://lifefeast.me


Intermediate plateau: helping our students with authentic material (talk) 

We English teachers often have students who cannot move forward from the intermediate level. The aim of this talk is to discuss what the intermediate plateau is, why students are unable to move beyond it and how teachers can include videos, podcasts, newspapers and articles in their lessons in order to help their learners to go further.

Ilá Coimbra has been a teacher for over 12 years. After graduating in Languages from Universidade de Sao Paulo, she lived in Ireland, where she obtained her Cambridge English CAE & CPE. She currently teaches adults, specially preparing them for exams such as IELTS and CAE, and also she is a teacher trainer at SEVEN Idiomas in São Paulo. As part of her professional development, Ilá has obtained the CELTA and ICELT and is considering taking a TESOL Diploma in 2016.


Growth mindset- Perseverance makes perfect

In this workshop we will discuss the characteristics of the different mindsets and explore ways of enhancing a growth mindset by identifying one’s mindset, challenging it by using a five step mindshift and providing the appropriate feedback to make students become more engaged, develop their brain , improve their learning and thus, achieve success. 

Karla Piccelli has been working as a teacher of English for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor’s in English , and a master’s degree in Education. She has a CEELT and COTE certificates. She is a qualified Cambridge teacher trainer and oral examiner for the YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE certificates.



The Flipped Classroom - Turning Traditional Education on Its Head (talk)

Technology has become part of our lives and especially part of our students' lives. Because of that, many teachers are using technology to flip their classrooms. But what is it about? How did it come to be? What's driving it? What does it look like? The aim here is to present answers to those questions and share apps and webtools teachers can use to start flipping their classrooms

Ricardo Cézar has been involved in ELT for almost 13 years now, teaching different levels and ages. He is currently the Director of Studies and Technology and Head Teacher at his own school, Friends Language Center in Uruaçu-GO.


A Peer-Correction Research Experience at a Language Center (talk)

From a perspective in which learning not only is product, but may occur in the process, in the interaction between peers, in this talk Lucas present the findings of a research he conducted in 2014 on the benefits of using an orientation form for moments of peer-correction during classes. 

Lucas Rigonato, graduated in TEFL and specialist in Applied Linguistics, Lucas has been working in language centers in Goiania since 2008.


Bringing Coursebooks To Life Through Technology

This presentation aims to demonstrate how coursebook exercises can be brought to life with the help of technology. By using tablets and mobile phones to enhance coursebook exercises, we can encourage student autonomy, challenge students to stretch their language, and make the activities more enjoyable. This presentation will provide an opportunity for teachers to sample new activities. 

Hulgo de Freitas Pereira is an English teacher at Cultura Inglesa Rio S/A, currently working in Goiânia/GO, and also works at CEI Flora. He is a Speaking Examiner for Cambridge English, and has been teaching for seven years.


The Art of Listening

How well do you listen to your students? An ability to listen well can have a major affect on the quality of our teaching. Poor listening can limit our rapport with students as well as our ability to respond to their language problems. This presentation will discuss why this skill is important, why it can be so difficult in the classroom and what can be done to improve our ability to listen. We will have hands-on activities that will help you to be more responsive to your students needs.

Gustavo Granado is graduated in Languages at Universidade Federal de Goiás and a Senior English teacher at Cultura Inglesa.



Commercial Presentations


Stretch your English with 6 skills

Come and see how Stretch (Oxford's new Coursebook for Adults/Young adults) together with BBC Worldwide learning provide a comprehensive support system and a unique 6 skills approach to help students meet their personal, academic and professional goals.

Jorge Teixeira is a teacher trainer, passionate user of effective use of technology in the classroom. Degree in Letras, postgrad in Materials Design (University of Southampton – UK); 25 year-teaching experience.  Former board member at the Braz-Tesol Brasilia - Goiania Regional Chapter.  Current ELT Educational Consultant for Oxford University Press. 


Mind Series 2nd Edition – Language is a life skill.

Recognizing that language acquisition is just one of the many skills and disciplines that make up our wider educational needs, the Mind series is a ground-breaking course which helps adult students develop a broad range of skills and sub-skills needed for 21st century success. These skills or ‘life skills’ include: having a better awareness of self and society, handling the demands of study and learning, and dealing with the challenges in their work and career. Mind Series also provides students with full blended learning options, and a strong approach to grammar and functional language.

Virgínia Galvão a has large experience in English teaching and as a teacher trainer and holds a Master’s Degree in Education. She is an academic consultant for Macmillan Publishers.


Create your own future with iTDi! 

Challenge your teaching beliefs, acquire new skills, and learn with the most respected teacher educators in the world - experts like Scott Thornbury, Penny Ur, John Fanselow, and Stephen Krashen. iTDi Advanced Skills courses include live sessions, active online collaboration, and certification from the International Teacher Development Institute.

Márcia Lima,  iTDi associate, EFL teacher and teacher trainer for 30 years, Webhead, The Reform Symposium Conference #RSCON co-organiser. Her main interests are CPD, mlearning and YLs.


Connect Me to Education

Some teachers wish to explore innovational alternatives to learning but need a helping hand, others already use digital possibilities but would like to make more informed decisions by studying about technology integration. Come to our very brief session to play a game and learn a little about how  ConnectMe Education can contribute to your professional development.

Ana Maria Menezes is an EFL teacher, online moderator at ConnectMe Education and researcher. She holds an M.A. in Linguistic Studies with special interest in teacher development in online environments. She blogs at http://lifefeast.me


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